Power Services

  • Online ups – Eaton , Sukam.
  • WHAT IS "ONLINE" IN AN ONLINE UPS? In the case of a regular inverter, the load (appliances and electronic device like computers, air conditioners, etc.) is directly connected to the mains. The power backup comes into play only when the mains go off. UPS RANGE is as follows :

    A) T Series UPS

    1. Wide input operating range
    2. Compact size
    3. Intelligent battery management
    4. Stepped approximation to sine wave in battery mode
    5. Internal 12V/7AH SMF battery
    6. Short circuit protection, Black-start feature

    B) Senior Series UPS

    1. Wide input operating range with built-in AVR
    2. Audio alarm and LED Indications proviced
    3. Compact & Lightweight
    4. Short Circuit & Overload protection
    5. High Current CV/CC SMPS charger for safe & fast charging
    6. Available in 1000VA & 2000VA ratings

    C) ES Series UPS

    1. 50KHz High Frequency Operation
    2. Compact size, light weight, low shipping costs
    3. RS 232 Interface
    4. Large input operating range, eliminates unnecessary battery discharge
    5. Double conversion true Sinewave output

    D) WL Series UPS

    1. VHD Logic employed for the first time in India.
    2. High Frequency PWM Design Using IGBT/MOSFET
    3. Excellent dynamic response for step load change

  • Industrial Batteries - Exide, Rocket, Contam, HBL, Amar Raja
  • Exide.com (http://www.exideindustrialbatteries.com/standbybatteries.php)

    Types :
    1. Motive Power Batteries
    2. Standby batteries

    a) OPzS Battery
    b) Plante Battery
    c) Tubular Battery
    d) Normal Discharge Tubular Battery

    Rocketbatteries.com(http://rocketbatteries.in/products-sealed-calcium.htm) 1. 2V Cells VRLA 2. 12V VRLA 3. Tubular 4. Sealed calcium HBL(http://www.hblbatteries.com/Pocket Plate.asp) 1. Nickel Cadmium a. Pocket Plate b. Sintered Plate c. Valve regulated pocket plate 2. Lead Acid a. OPzS b. Triumph c. Lead-X

  • Inverters – Sukam
  • Static ups - Kevin
  • Lift Inverters – Kevin
  • BTS Tower Installation & Maintenance
  • Genset Diesel Filling & Battery Maintenance
  • Solar Power - Sukam, Elnova.