Telecom Services

  • Telephone Cables
  • 1. Electrical wires
    2. Flexible cables
    3. Three core flat cables (XLPE)
    4. Battery cables
    5. LV power and control cables
    6. HV power cables
    7. co-axial cables
    8. OFC
    9. JFTC
    10.Telephone & Switchboard cables
    11.LAN Cables
    12.25 pair CAT -5 LAN cables
    13.Optinet structured cabling system

  • Telephone Instruments
  • (
    1. Basic
    2. CLI
    3. Cordless
    4. ADSL
    5. GSM Devices
    6. 3G Products

    Panasonic (
    1. Panasonic KX-T2371, features with brochure
    2. Panasonic KX-T2373MX features with brochure
    3. Panasonic KX-T2375MX features with brochure
    4. Panasonic KX-T2378MX features with brochure
    5. Panasonic KX-TS3282BX features with brochure
    6. Panasonic KX-TS500CX features with brochure
    7. Panasonic KX-TSC10CN features with brochure
    8. Panasonic KX-TSC11CN features with brochure

  • EpABX - Nec, Matrix, IP-EpABX.
  • matrix (
    1. IP-PBX
    2. PBXs
    3. PLCC PBX

    Note : Prodcts are to be taken ? (, nec (,;jsessionid=CD7713A430023637396FC8E66DAC8CA6.alpha

  • IP-pbx – Nec
  • Video pbx – Six-IPx
  • Accessories – Krone – MDF, Line Cords, Roget Box etc.
  • MPLS solution enables you to seamlessly share files, access applications, voice & video communication between offices within a city of across the country.

    Service Benefits

    1. Reliability : Ride on Cisco MSCP certified network.
    2. Scalability: Connect new sites as and when required with just one additional link to nearest POP.
    3. Easy to implement and extremely cost effective network solutions.
    4. Coverage applications support for voice, video and data communication.
    5. Traffic Engineering: Prioritize network traffic basis application criticality for your business.
    6. Highly secure network for critical business communication.

    The MPLS Advantage (Features)

    1. Layer 2 & 3 MPLS VPN Service
    2. Bandwidth ranging from 64 Kbps to 4 Mbps per site.
    3. Multiple class of service for traffic prioritization.
    4. Serial / Fast Ethernet last mile solution.
    5. Bundled CPE & eNOC services – with managed MPLS.
    6. SLA on service availability and fault resolution time.
    7. Multi pop multi last mile solution for higher redundancy.
    8. Mesh, Hub and Spoke topology.

    Benefits to customers

    1. Competitive advantage with lower risk of network downtime.
    2. Guaranteed performance from service-level agreements.
    3. Fixed costs and less capital outlay.
    4. Ability to focus on strategy and driving business objectives, not IT integration.
    5. Future ready network for new application rollout & support.
    6. Reduced technology training expense-IT manages vendors, not technologies.

  • Headsets - Paltronics
  • Your domain name is your business identity; and so the need for a robust corporate mailing solution to support it. The Hosted Mail – and enterprise grade mailing solution that goes just perfectly with your reputation. This mail solution has built – in proven anti – spam and anti – virus technologies and full – fledged gateway applications that make it reliable and completely secure. It reduces your cost, and substantially increases the security of mission critical messaging. With client and web mail solutions on offer from Microsoft and Nivio. Hosted mail means peace of mind guaranteed for your business.


    1. Microsoft Exchange Server – Robust Messaging Solutions from Microsoft.
    2. Enterprise Grade Solutions – Enjoy all the benefits of a Corporate Messaging System.
    3. Email box as big as 4GB so that you don’t have to frequently archive your mails.
    4. A simple and easy to use web interface that allows you to manage the complete mail suite.
    5. 24 x 7 Support – Balaji telepower provides 24 x 7 phone support for all your queries.
    6. Secure & Reliable – Hosting is provided which offer a robust and reliable architecture with network, server and storage redundancy.
    7. Pay as you use – Costs are based on a per – mailbox/month basis, depending upon the package you choose. Mailboxes can be purchased as and when you need through an online interface.
    8. Customized Packages – with a wide range of features and great flexibility, ideal mailing solution is designed to suit your unique business needs.

  • Audio & Video Conferencing - Polycon
  • (

    Remarkable voice quality for any size room

    Voice conferencing is one of the most critical elements of group communication. Excellent voice quality is essential for both voice-only calls and visual communication environments, ensuring that everyone can clearly hear and be heard to improve productivity and deliver a seamless, natural communications experience.

    Polycom has the widest variety of voice conferencing solutions to meet the needs of any environment:
    1. Private offices and small meeting rooms
    2. Conference rooms and board rooms
    3. Large training facilities and classrooms seating hundreds of participants


    Conference Phones :

    Polycom's next-generation conference phones deliver stunning performance and flexibility for nearly every type of room or network environment

    Microsoft-optimized Conferencing

    Conferencing devices optmized for Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Live Meeting

    Installed Audio

    High-performance voice conferencing solutions that deliver incredible clarity for board rooms, training rooms, classrooms, and other large collaborative environments.

  • Toll Free Numbers - Airtel
  • Tata Indicom now also offers Toll Free Service , adding to its large range of services under Business Solutions. Tata Indicom’s Toll Free Services is a comprehensive service that gives you basic routing capabilities, advanced routing and termination features. Tata Indicom’s Toll Free Service also offers you simplified pricing and flexible invoicing. Toll Free Service can help you boost sales and improve customer service levels by providing your customers with a cost-free method to contact you.

    Toll Free Service subscriber is allotted a Toll Free Service number 1800-YYY-XXXX , where 1800 is the service level followed by a 3 digit number YYY which is the Operator code allotted to Tata Indicom and XXXX is the unique subscriber number.

    What can Tata Indicom’s Toll Free Service be used for?
    Customer Care,
    Mass marketing and advertising campaigns,
    Lead generation and new business acquisition,
    Complaint handling,

    Key Benefits of having Toll Free Service
    It removes all barriers to customers contacting you as it’s a free call, Increases profile of new and small businesses and helps develop customer loyalty No need to change your number as this number sits on top of your existing one Keep this number for the life of your business as it can be moved between fixed line and mobile phone

  • Voice Services - Airtel,
  • PRI - Airtel
  • Centrix- Airtel
  • Now you can connect your different offices within the same city using our Centrex facility. You can reach your collegue in a separate office by just dialing a short digit code, completely free of charge. 

    Centrex provides switching at the central office instead of individual offices and works like EPABX service. airtel would own and manage the equipment and software necessary to implement the service. 

    1. What you get
    2. Short digit dialing
    3. Direct inward dialing
    4. Manager - secretary service
    5. 3-way conferencing
    6. Voice mail
    7. Call pick-up
    8. Auto callback
    9. Parallel ringing

  • Mobile Services - Airtel
  • Telephone Billings Softwares
  • Much of the confusion in today's telephone systems markets is due to the deliberate efforts of companies to obscure their revenue streams. Bills are hard (if not impossible) to understand as a direct result of too much or too little information. The world is moving faster and faster and even the simplest things have become complicated, almost beyond belief. This is especially true of telecoms, new systems, new rates, and new technology. These things can suck up large quantities of operating funds and unless you have a dedicated telecoms expert the costs of learning the business can seem to be greater than any possible benefits in terms of time, energy and cash - Here's the solution, your personal telecoms expert, there when you need him and not when you don’t.

    Our telephone billing software is probably the best on the planet! It collects the CDR's (call data records) and will provide you with a single monthly telephone bill that incorporates all your calls, line rental, mobile phones and calls, home workers, and maintenance charges.

    Reduced Telephone Bills A new telephone systems age is upon us. Are you ready for it?

    Has your company prepared a strategy to take advantage of internet based communications, but who do you speak to, your broadband supplier your telephone supplier? Who'll give you genuine impartial advice? (

  • BTS Tower Installation & Maintenance
  • IPLC.